2000/3/3-5: Ski with Steve

1st day (3/3). We left tokyo in the evening and arrived at the hotel 10:00pm. We first went to a hot-spring (Onsen) room and drank a bottle of Sake.

2nd day. Yuzawa-kogen, Gala Yuzawa, and Isiuti Maruyama ski areas.

A picture of Steve taking a picture.


The top of the Gala Yuzawa ski area. 1181M above sea level.

Dinner. We ignored the hotel dinner and went to an Izakaya that a hotel person recommended to us.

Salted squid guts (Siokara). Steve said that the flavor was good but the texture was not.

Grilled chiken on a stick (Yakitori). With sauce and with salt.

Tofu cooked in boiling water(Yudo-hu).

Fried liver crab (Kani Karaage).

Fried flog (Kaeru Karaage).

Grilled eel (Unagi Sirayaki).

Loach and Egg (Yanagawa nabe).

Grilled eel (Unagi Kabayaki)

Vinegared jellyfish (Kurage)

Chicken wing (Tebasaki)

Boiled Rice with tea (Ochazuke)

The Sake we drank in the room after dinner.

3rd day.

Iwappara ski area


JINMEI Tatuya / KAME Project / かめプロジェクト(Japanese)