2005/4/8: Cross Country Ski in Norway, 1st day

NRT->CPH: Upgraded to the economy flex class. This was basically a lucky surprise, but still had some moot points. My seat was in the front line of the class, and, as commented in seatguru, the legroom was restricted due to the bulkhead. My problem at that time was that the ground officer did not explain the restriction correctly: she said there should be okay since the two classes were only separated by a curtain. I was so naive and simply believed her. Still, the upgraded class had some remarkable advantages over the "cargo" class...I'm not sure which one is the better: the worst seat in the flex class or the best seat in the cargo class...

CPH (SAS lounge, concourse)

Arrived at OSL

OSL to Sørumsand

JINMEI Tatuya / KAME Project / かめプロジェクト(Japanese)