Apr 25

I ran a local race (Pat’s Run) in San Jose. Since it was similar to my previous race (Juana Run, February, 8km) and I didn’t think I had improved my running ability since then, my goal was to keep under 3:30/km (5:37/mi) pace.

I woke up at 5:30am for the 8:00am start, had a light meal, and went to the carpool point (Ranch99@Grant). I met Jonathan there, and drove to Leland High School, the race venue. We arrived at around 6:45am. The following map shows the drive route.

The shoe tag to record the race time.

My bib:

Start (photo by iPhone) and Finish (taken after running) points:

Overall, I did what I expected. The first 1km lap was just under 3:30. I then slowed down a bit, but this was probably because the course ascended a bit (see the elevation graph below). There were still some ups and downs, but I kept the intended pace until the 4km point. Then the course gradually descended, so I naturally speeded up while I basically simply tried to keep the same 3:30/km pace. My plan was to spurt up the final 2-300m, but the course was actually a bit shorter than I expected.

I was in the 8th place overall. The official time was 22:58 (it was 23:00 on my watch), which was actually a little faster than I originally thought, but I suspect the distance was also a bit shorter than it should be (4.2mi). So, I was not particularly good or bad this time. If there’s something I made in this particular race, it would be that I made my pace by myself (on the other hand, I was in a group or followed another fast guy at Juana Run).

The following are my usual logs of running: course and lap times on a map, and pace x elevation graphs based on GPS records:

Overall results (top 30). Also available on the web.

After run food booths:

Honda exhibited their new “insight”.

Winners’ trophies(?)

Overall winners.

Our team members (we were in the 2nd place in the team race).

After run branch@Posh Bagel:

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