Jul 17

久々(?)の新規店開拓でMountain Viewのタイ屋を研究。

  Shana Thai Restaurant
  311A Moffett Boulevard, Mountain View, CA 94043
  Yelp: (reviews / see rating)

注文のときに辛さを聞かれなかったら案の定US standard風だった…なのでスパイス度判定はできず。辛さを聞かない時点でちょっと…と思わないでもないけど、もし次があればThai Spicyを明示してスパイス度が合格レベルか確認するチャンスはあげてもいいかも。

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  1. Yoichi Hariguchi Says:


    Shana is in the article. You might be interested in Dusita (in Santa Clara). The review says this:

    “The restaurant’s authentic Thai dishes are big on flavor but also spice, so be warned if you are new to Thai cuisine or sensitive to heat. Those who do enjoy spicy food should try Dusita’s Angry Pork featuring stir-fried pork with bell peppers and basil in a red curry. Green peppercorns, ginger and lime provide a tangy bite to the fiery dish while coconut milk adds to touch of sweetness.”

  2. Jinmei Tatuya Says:


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