Oct 29

This is an English translation of my condolences to my dear friend, itojun, at his funeral. He passed away one year ago today. I made the address in Japanese, so most of his foreign friends who came to the funeral from all over the world wouldn’t understand it. I’ve been thinking about doing something on the first anniversary, and come up with the idea of translating my words into English so that they can be delivered to the non Japanese-speaking attendees and his other foreign friends who could not come.

To itojun-san: I’m going to say good bye to you on behalf of KAME members.

I still cannot believe this as we exchanged e-mails just a few days ago. In fact, I’ve been even planning to invite you to a Yakiniku dinner at my favorite restaurant this week.

It was at a WIDE workshop 10 years ago that I first met you. I was so impressed with how you worked: seeing you answer a technical question in e-mail on one moment and finish new code right after that, I thought, “what an incredible guy!” While having such distinguished ability and skills, you never boasted about yourself or looked down on others. Rather, you were always very kind to everyone and had a funny, lovely character, which soon made me a fan of you like many others.

I clearly remember when I was asked to join the KAME project. I heard that it would be an opportunity to work with you, and I was so excited about it. It was more than enough for me to accept the offer.

The days at KAME as a coworker with you spurred me on very much. I learned a lot of things from technical discussions with you, of course, but I was also touched by your attitude: I couldn’t imagine the success of KAME without your leadership based on the strong belief of making people happy with technology. Your worldwide activities representing KAME also greatly encouraged us.

If you ever regretted anything even after the lots of achievements, I guess it would be that you’ve not yet seen full deployment of IPv6, the technology you’ve put your heart into for years. Today we are finally seeing strong movements to the goal in various fields, and I can imagine the day we celebrate for the real completion…but, when I realize the unfair fact that you, who should most deserve the celebration, won’t be there, I feel so sorry and disappointed. I promise that we will take the baton from you along with your will and passion, and will complete the work. It should be the only thing we can do to repay your hard work.

I would really like to thank you for everything so far, itojun-san. May you rest in piece. Good bye.

The KAME Project

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  1. Kazu Yamamoto Says:

    I visited to his grave yesterday. Before that, I had information. His mother said to Watanabe-san that his grave was surrounded by many many flowers and plushie. She took them to her home. When I visited, there were many flowers. I guess many friends visited in the day.

  2. jinmei Says:


    Thanks for letting me know that. I’m glad on one hand to hear that many friends remember him and had their memorial events on the anniversary. It’s another proof that itojun-san was loved by so many people. On the other hand, it made me feel sad in that it emphasizes the fact that we lost him.

    But in any event, we cannot be in mourning indefinitely. I hope we will consider this memorial day an opportunity to recall our mission and move forward more strongly.

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