Feb 06


When I heard Paul would decide the place, my bet was this restaurant, followed by Jing Jing. I was right, and was happy about that as both are my favorite restaurants:-)

Pulpo a la Gallega (steamed octopus), as usual. Good as always, but I feel a bit guilty because I know not many Americans like octopus, and so I often “end up” having most of the pieces.

Unknown appetizer.

The “first two” of the big shared plates in the menu. The stew-like thing (second one) was very good. Need to check the name on the menu next time…


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  1. Rod Says:

    Zarzuela. It was very good at Iberia, but is often different at other Spanish restaurants; it is the Spanish equivalent of boulliabase or cioppino.

    It was good to see you.

  2. Maryann Says:

    Excellent photography! I especially like the shot of the seafood and rice platter – paella? I enjoyed meeting you and sharing the fantastic dinner.

    Maryann (Bob’s wife)

  3. jinmei Says:

    Rod: thanks for the info. I can then try this food in other Spanish restaurants.

    Maryann: if you mean
    no, it’s not Paella (we didn’t order it); it’s one of the “first two”, but I don’t remember the name…

    A photo of Paella is available here:

    And all: I enjoyed the dinner very much, too. I hope there’ll be another such event again:-)

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